The Cloud, PCI standards, SSL encryption, data security when exchanging data online… It’s not always easy to keep up with confidential data security online. However, the best way to protect your company and your client data is to always stay well informed. Do this by making sure you know who you can trust, because unfortunately, the Cloud isn’t always used safely. Keep reading to better understand the Cloud, and how Actif helps keep your company’s data secure at all times.

What exactly is the Cloud?

All software and services that are executed online, rather than locally on your computer, are considered to be in the Cloud. Most Cloud services can be accessed via a Web browser, and some companies such as Actif offer mobile apps. Examples of Cloud services include Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive.

A major benefit of the Cloud is that you can access your information on any device that has an Internet connection. This is what allows you to edit a file in Google Docs on your home PC, and then pick up where you left off when you get to the office. Several people can even collaborate simultaneously on the same document.

What’s more, since remote servers support a large portion of computing and storage, you no longer need an expensive hardware to do your job. Perfect for a SMB!

Is my Company Data safe in Google Drive or Dropbox?

Sharing and storing files online through the Cloud has become a common practice for many businesses. However, privacy issues are hindering executives who must decide between two main data sharing and story options. The first is private systems, which can be very expensive, and the second is online solutions, such as Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. While the latter is less expensive, it offers no guarantee that your data will be stored according to Canadian safety standards.

Unlike Google Drive or Dropbox, Actif meets all privacy and security standards required in Canada. Its clients’ data is physically hosted in Canada. At no time will it be in data centres in countries where privacy standards are lower.

What are PCI Security Standards?

The PCI Security Standards Council is an open international forum for the ongoing development, enhancement, storage, dissemination and implementation of security standards for the protection of account data. Actif complies with PCI standards to ensure that all payments made on its platform are fully secure. In addition to being secure, payments are faster and more efficient than with traditional methods. Plus, Actif securely records all payment data, such as the invoice number, date, and time of payment. Say goodbye to paper envelopes, cheques or deposits!

What’s SSL (Secure Socket Layer)?

SSL is the most widespread security protocol. Essentially, it establishes a secure connection between two machines communicating over the Internet or an internal network. SSL is typically used when a browser has to connect securely to a web server. Actif’s user data is stored in SSL encrypted servers to ensure maximum security.

Now that you know more about data security, you’re better equipped to make smart choices about your company’s confidential data storage and sharing. This article has not answered your question? Feel free to contact one of our representatives to find out how Actif is committed to keeping your company’s confidential data secure.