Sales, Invoices & Quotes

A sale in Actif opens up the path to a prospective quote. Once you have your quote, it is then ready to be converted into an invoice!

The process is very simple. First, start by adding products and/or services to a sale. Then, generate quotes by clicking on the button at the bottom of the screen. Finally, a PDF document of the quote you just generated will be stored in the Documents tab of the sale.

Écran de ventes
Onglet documents de l'écran de vente du Logiciel Actif

Maintain a History

Send PDFs of your invoices and quotes directly by email via Actif, and keep a history of all your exchanges so you’re always up to date.

Schedule Recurring Transactions

Is your company’s business model based on subscriptions? Or do you need to invoice clients on a regular basis? Let Actif do the hard work for you! Recurring operations are easy to configure.

Écran de récurrences du module de base du logiciel actif

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