We can recommend chartered accountants and accounting technicians who know Actif inside and out!

Actif provides you with many tools and resources to simplify your accounting and give you peace of mind. After all, accounting is the backbone of any business! That’s why it’s important to call on trusted business accounting professionals. Put your trust in Actif-certified accountants and technicians. Their help is never too far away.

Did you know that Actif does business with Actif-certified accountants who are available to help you and your business throughout the year?

Actif provides you with a team of Actif-certified accountants and technicians who can help you whenever the need arises. Indeed, our professionals have many years of experience and also master our software. These assets allow them to support you in all aspects of your accounting.

In addition, even if you do your own accounting, sometimes you need a professional who can take care of a task for you or who can simply give you some advice.

Here’s how our technicians can help you, in person or remotely, on Actif:

  • Prepare your account statement.
  • Make entries and remit amounts for taxes or deductions at source.
  • Produce employee payroll.
  • Manage accounts payable.
  • Manage accounts receivable, and more.

Our Chartered Accountants Are Available to Offer You Expert Advice or to Handle Your Taxes

Our technicians and accountants master Actif software. Therefore, you can give them secure access to your accounting at any time. Since all your Actif data is stored in the Cloud, there is absolutely no data exchange to do!

Reconciling Your Data in Actif Is a Piece of Cake

Actif’s automatic conversion tool allows you to transfer to Actif all your data from software such as Acomba, Sage 50 and QuickBooks. Whatever your situation, you can easily import your data to Actif. In fact, our tool takes care of importing your customers, suppliers and all other company lists.

Actif Integrates Into Your Business Management

Furthermore, you or your accountant can use all Actif features from your cell phone, tablet or computer. Your data is securely stored in the Cloud.

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