I started supporting Macintosh computer users in 1989. Everyone loved its interface and its user-friendly nature, so it wasn’t very long until people wanted to use Mac in the workplace. Graphic designers were happy and slowly, Mac was making its way with Microsoft Excel, Word and the Office Suite.

Everything was going smoothly until accounting came up. Accounting software tried to make their breakthrough in the Mac market. Great Plains comes to mind. Then, there were market share considerations and the language barrier in Quebec… Companies realized that there were insufficient market shares to maintain accounting software on Mac, let alone in French. Read the rest of the article in French on MacQuébec.

About the author

Rémi St-Onge has been working with Mac computers since 1989 and is the co-founder of Les Productions Tornade. Les Productions Tornade specializes in Macintosh computer maintenance, consulting and the Web since 1996. For the past few months, Rémi has also been actively representing Actif software to businesses like yours!

This article was written by Rémi St-Onge. It is presented to you be Actif Software.