Facilitate the Integration & Management of Your Employees

Take control of human resource management with clear sections and reports designed specifically for managing performance and compensation. What’s more, lists of objectives, responsibilities and role definitions are provided to ensure the smooth integration of new employees.

Écran ressources humaines du Logiciel Actif
Écran de sélection des droits du Logiciel Actif module de base

Safety First

Human resource management has never been so easy. Grant access to sensitive data in just a few clicks thanks to the rights management table. You can either choose our predefined option, or simply control the information you want to make accessible yourself.

Always be on Top of Things

The Change HR function allows you to log in as any employee in order to control the information they have access to.

gestion des ressources humaines

Make your staff a top priority. Actif consolidates many useful functions in one place thus simplifying human capital management. Sometimes referred to as a human resource management system or human resource information system, human resources software are an essential tool for strategic HR management.

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Basic functions are completely free, which includes 1Gb of disk space for data storage. Limited time offer, subject to change without notice.