You can now generate your employees’ T4 and RL-1 slips with the Actif payroll feature!

At Actif, we work tirelessly to make your day-to-day life easier. That’s why Actif’s payroll feature now allows you to produce T4 and RL-1 slips.

The RL-1 slip must be filed by any employer or payer that paid amounts such as salaries, wages, gratuities, tips, fees, scholarships or commissions. The T4 slip must be filed if you are an employer (resident or non-resident) and you paid your employees employment income, commissions, taxable allowances and benefits, fishing income, or any other remuneration. Remember that T4 and RL-1 slips must be given to your employees before March 1st.

Generating your employees’ T4 and RL-1 slips in Actif can be done in a matter of minutes. Simply click on Human Resources in the left-hand menu and select Tax Slips. You will then have the option of generating these documents for one employee only, or for all employees at once.

For further information, please contact:

[email protected] 514-939-2555 ext. 234