Freight Management (For Freight Brokers) Add-On

Treat Yourself to an All-in-One System with Actif

Actif’s Freight Management Add-On takes care of all your freight brokerage operations.

As soon as you enter a trip, Actif monitors, logs and controls your operations up to the billing stage.

  • Cost estimation based on historical data

  • Communication of steps by email to your clients and suppliers, automatically or manually

  • Storage of history of exchanges with your clients and suppliers

  • Sales, point of origin and destination, customs brokers, trucks and drivers

  • LTL or TL transportation logistics made easier than ever

  • Easy printing of WayBill bills of lading, customer approvals, invoices, and much more

  • Advanced search for carriers by criteria such as truck type, region or availability

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Try Actif today and you'll understand why so many professionals have chosen us to help them make their business management easier.


Gain a better control of your operations! Actif’s freight brokers functions are specially designed to help you consolidate all of your information in one place. In addition, you will always have access to a detailed history of all your operations.

  • With a single click, find trips from several months or even several years ago!

  • Before finalizing a reservation with a carrier, the system automatically ensures that his insurance is valid.

  • Before placing an order for a client, the system inspects that his credit is in good standing, verifies the limit you have set for him and the due date of his most recent invoice.

  • When a client calls you back, there is no need to ask him to repeat the address of a pick-up, delivery or stop. Find this information and important notes directly in the client’s file.

Manage the commissions you pay out to your sellers either in dollars on the selling price, as a profit percentage or as a lump sum per seller. You even have the ability to manage multiple vendors under the same client. The amounts due to the sellers are paid when the client pays you.

Many reports are available such as operations, profitability and much more.

Trust our expertise! For nearly 25 years, we have been offering a product dedicated exclusively to our loyal clientele of transportation brokers.