Actif is an all-in-one business management software. It is designed to streamline and optimize the tasks of self-employed workers, entrepreneurs and SMEs from all lines of business. Actif offers free basic functions, which are described in this article. It also offers a range of add-on features that target the needs of different industries. Additionally, our software and add-on features are available on a secure online platform. This means you can easily access features and content from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

 What do the free basic functions include?

As the title already mentions, our basic functions are completely free of charge. These are ideal if you have only simple operations to perform. They can also be useful if you are just starting out and want to improve your business management while avoiding fees. Plus, you can always choose to subscribe to paid add-on features at a later date. This can be very helpful if managing employees, accounting or projects becomes more complicated as your business grows.

“Management is a demanding task that can be very time consuming. Fortunately, Actif Software can help you streamline it to improve your work efficiency.”

The free basic functions provide you with the tools you need for managing both your clients and suppliers. Plus, they also allow you to manage sales and purchases. This includes producing tenders, invoices, delivery slips, purchase orders and receipts. Since your client and supplier data is already stored in the software, managing sales and purchasing is a breeze. Similarly, consolidating all operations on a single platform makes accounting simpler and faster.

You can also manage human resources with the free basic functions. For more information about our free features, please contact one of our representatives.

You want to switch from another management software?

Easily transfer your data from software like Acomba, Sage 50 and QuickBooks with Actif’s automated conversion tool. In fact, the converter takes care of importing your client and supplier information as well as all other important business data.

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Actif is an accounting software with free basic functions. Add-on features such as advanced accounting, secure document sharing, project management, and employee payroll are offered as monthly subscriptions. Our company serves more than a dozen industries, such as transportation and retail.