Free Accounting Software

GEM-BOOKS is an accounting software that offers its basic functions completely free of charge. Add-on modules such as advanced accounting, secure file sharing, project management, or employee payroll are also available on a monthly subscription basis.

With the basic functions, benefit from access to an invoicing software, a human resources management software & much more.

All basic functions are completely free, so why not try GEM-BOOKS today?

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Version mobile et tablette de notre logiciel de comptabilité en ligne disponible

Not Just Any Invoicing Software

GEM-BOOKS is a cloud hosted software. As a result, you can access it anytime and anywhere. So whether you are at the office, at home, at the cottage or on vacation, an Internet connection is all you need to benefit from an unfettered access to all your data.

No Updates & Always Compatible

Thanks to GEM-BOOKS you no longer need to buy and install several, often incompatible, software on your computer. Furthermore, all costs related to data entry, maintenance, licenses, installation, support and acquiring equipment are eliminated. Lessen your work load, save money and make your life easier overall with GEM-BOOKS.

See the list of basic functions in the left-hand menu.

Try GEM-BOOKS today and you'll understand why so many professionals have chosen us to help them make their business management easier.

Basic functions are completely free, which includes 1Gb of disk space for data storage. Limited time offer, subject to change without notice.