Why should you switch to electronic signatures? Simply to speed up your business operations!

Let’s say you’ve emailed a document you need signed to a client. Now, you’re eagerly waiting for your client to return it to so that you can close the deal. Yet, a few days later, you’re still waiting for the document to be returned to you!

What has happen? Has the client changed their mind?

Before electronic signatures, clients had to:

  • Print the document.
  • Obtain the signature of an authorized person.
  • Return to the printer to scan the document.
  • Send it back to you by email and archive it.

What Happened to The Original?

Nowadays, client expectations have evolved. If your clients still need to print, sign, scan and return documents by email, then perhaps your workflow has gotten stuck somewhere in the ’90s.

As of March 9 2020, this brand new feature will be available at no additional cost to all clients using Servi-Sécur, the secure document exchange module.

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Learn more about the federal electronic signatures regulations here.