Digital Signatures: Did you know that you can sign or have documents signed digitally, directly in Actif? Indeed, it’s no longer necessary to send documents by mail or visit your clients. You can now use digital signatures to speed up your affairs.

Moreover, this way of doing things is as safe as the traditional signature! On the one hand, you can identify the person or organization that signed the document. On the other hand, you can be sure that the document has not been altered between the moment the author signs it and the moment the reader views it.

How Do I Use the Electronic Signature Function in Actif?

In Actif, you can request an electronic signature by locating the documents tab:

Then, click the following icon to indicate where the document should be signed (a document can be signed several times):

Once it has been signed by your correspondent, you will be able to view the slip by clicking the icon below. You will find essential information, including the name of the signee, the location and the date of the signature.

For more information, here are two links to instructional videos (only available in French at this time):

1- How to activate the secure documents and electronic signatures module
2- Request an electronic signature from a contact

For more information, see our FAQs under Module for Secure Document Sharing and Electronic Signatures.

The digital signature feature is included with the secure document module. Unsure about using the digital signature feature, but would like to try it out? We are offering you the Servi-Sécur module free of charge for 30 days, so start using it today!

Finally, we adapt to your changing needs and don’t take your suggestions lightly. Do not hesitate to contact our team of experts for any questions or comments!