Our courrier add-on takes over all of your local courier and messenger service operations

From the moment the parcel is scanned at the warehouse, to the signature and billing process, Actif supervises, records and monitors your operations.

  • Mobile app for couriers and messengers

  • Automatic or manual email and text notification of steps to your customers and suppliers

  • Storage of all communication history data with your customers and suppliers

  • Addressing support for regular clients

  • Simple parcel tracking logistics

  • Automatic invoicing

  • Price list by client

  • Online client order form included

  • Online client tracking form included

  • Client orders imported automatically in EDI, CSV and Excel formats

  • Automatic accounting

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Real-time Collaboration

Actif allows you to collaborate in real time with your accountant, give him full or limited access.

Document Archiving

Don’t lose any more client information. Actif automatically archives all documents so you can consult them anytime.


Can be accessed via a web browser (Mac and PC) or through a mobile device using our iOS and Android applications.

Enjoy a greater control over your operations

Actif’s local courier service features were specifically designed to centralize all your information in one convenient location. In addition, you will always have access to a detailed history of all your operations.

  • In just one click, retrieve trips made several months or even several years ago!

  • Before finalizing a carrier reservation, the system automatically verifies that the insurance is valid.

  • Before placing an order for a client, the system checks that their credit is in good standing. It also verifies the limit you’ve granted and the payment term of their oldest invoice.

  • When a client calls you back, no need to make them repeat a delivery, stop or pickup address. Find this information along with any important notes directly in the client file.