Solutions Infobec, the developer of the Pérennia cemetery management software, and Logiciel Actif Inc, the provider of a complete cloud-based accounting solution, are joining forces to make bookkeeping and accounting easier for Pérennia’s clients.

Actif is a platform with multiple features that allows its users to manage their cash flow, bank reconciliation and tax returns. Additionally, it now offers services that are adapted for cemetery management.

A Timely Collaboration

In 2021, the Diocese of Quebec will no longer support its cemetery management software for corporations. Consequently, many small cemeteries will regroup under the management of non-profits, which are usually quite modest in size. This is why it is important to offer them a simple and affordable accounting solution that does not require the purchase of high-performance hardware.

How does the Actif Software Inc. and Infobec Solutions collaboration concern the clients of the Pérennia cemetery management software?

The new year is fast approaching! As a result, to ease the burden of these non-profits, all of the accounting data of Pérennia’s clients will be transferred to Actif. This means that no migration is required to set up an accounting system for cemetery management. In fact, the accounting data entered in Pérennia will automatically be stored in Actif, thus avoiding the need to re-enter it in an external software.

Why does Pérennia software encourage its clients to choose Actif for their accounting needs?

Pérennia’s clients have three accounting software options. These are Acomba, Sage 50 and Actif. Here are a few reasons why Infobec Solutions has chosen to partner with Actif to offer its clients the best accounting solution:

Affordable: Actif is less expensive than other accounting software, but just as powerful.

Your data is always handy: Actif is a multi-platform cloud computing solution. Moreover, it is compatible with Mac, PC, Android and iOS, which means that you can even work from a cellphone. And since Actif is on the cloud, all you need to access your data is an Internet connection.

Easy to use: Actif is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Indeed, anyone can learn how to use Actif quickly and efficiently. In addition, users are never alone because technical support is always available. Actif also has a network of certified accountants that offer personalized services. These accountants have a very good knowledge of the software and can help users throughout the taxation year.

How to get Actif?

Clients of the Pérennia Cemetery Management Software benefit from a free 30-day trial. A subscription to the accounting module is then available for $29.95 per month.

Try Actif today! Contact Rémi St-Onge:
(514) 939-2555 ext. 234
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