As we continue our growth in the all-in-one accounting and business management software market, we’re pleased to announce that the number of Actif users will soon pass the 25,000 mark. In fact, more than 24,600 users are currently registered, and this number keeps increasing every day.

We’d like to thank all Actif users for contributing to our success. We designed Actif for you, and it’s thanks to you that we keep building on this momentum. Plus, we continually strive to improve our software so that it meets your current and future needs.

We have recently made significant improvements to our product. Indeed, we’ve acquired new, more powerful servers and made changes to the technical infrastructure, which have resulted in increased performance and faster execution speeds.

As a result, our response time has been improved by more than 100%, from approximately 2 seconds to less than 1 second. This significant improvement allows you to invest more of your valuable time in growing your business.

Therefore, we kindly urge you to keep supporting our success, as we owe it to you. Talk about Actif around you and invite your peers to get in touch with us. This way, we can offer them an effective solution that will meet their needs just as much as it does yours.

In the meantime, please keep telling us what you’d like us to do for you. Our support and development team will be happy to receive your requests to help make your user-experience easy and enjoyable, every day!

Mario Dubé
Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Translated from French