Making Canada’s SMB’s Everyday Work Lives Easier

We are GEM-BOOKS, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company founded in 2016 in Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada that provides an online solution for bookkeeping and general accounting. Our mission is to make Canada’s SMB’s everyday work lives easier.

GEM-BOOKS is an accounting software that offers basic functions free of charge. Additional modules such as Advanced Accounting and Bookkeeping, Confidential Document Sharing, Project Management, Freight Brokers and Employee Payroll are available on a monthly subscription basis. Our company is active in about ten sectors of activity, such as transportation and retail trade.

GEM-BOOKS is a management software that is perfectly adapted to the reality of Canadian businesses in terms of both GIFI standards and tax rules.



We are locally based, and we are always there for you. GEM-BOOKS is an affordable SaaS solution that provides users with online business management tools and excellent customer service. Our users know that they can count on GEM-BOOKS to improve their methods and workflows.


Our intuitive interface gives our customers the advantage of a quick start. Because your time is precious, GEM-BOOKS is a simple and easy solution to integrate into your current operating mode.


Our clients are at the heart of our organization and decisions. Every day, we are committed to optimizing the client experience to make your life easier.

The Story Behind the Name

Our name GEM-BOOKS (Global Enterprise Management) is intended to reflect an element that generates resources and has a positive economic value for companies. This link with general accounting is in fact much more than just symbolic.

Our online solution helps you manage your assets with surprising efficiency. GEM-BOOKS’ clear and ergonomic interface allows you to enter simple data to help you work in a smarter, more efficient way.

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Areas of Expertise

Staff Training
Retail Trade

Biographical Notes of the Members of Our Administration

Mathieu Brunel
Mathieu BrunelCEO
GEM-BOOKS is the result of a daily collaboration with a team of passionate developers who provide specialized workshop management software, inspired by the best coaches in the country. In short, GEM-BOOKS is a complete and easy-to-use tool to support you in the growth of your business, taking into account its specific reality.

As Darwin said, “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent that will survive, but those who can adapt.” Globalization and technology are disrupting businesses faster than ever; is your business equipped to face these changes?

Equip yourself to adapt to your new reality and try GEM-BOOKS.

Rémi St-Onge
Rémi St-OngeStrategic Business Advisor
Rémi St-Onge has been working in the field of information technology for over 30 years. His greatest strength lies in his mastery of Macintosh computers, and the expertise he has gained in web development and management since 1996 makes him an invaluable resource. As a co-founder of a company in this field, he understands the mechanics of it well and continually strives to find solutions to optimize its process management.

Aware of the lack of accounting software running on the macOS platform, he began collaborating with a young Quebec-based team who developed cloud-based accounting and business management software. You can rely on his professionalism to guide you through all the steps that will lead to optimal use of GEM-BOOKS.

Simon Provencher
Simon ProvencherClient Relations Director
Vincent Drouin
Vincent DrouinTechnical Director

They trust GEM-BOOKS.